Let's have fun and review some of the dance crazes that spring from their blues, rhythm and ethnic roots, starting with the Huckle Buck, performed by Benny Goodman & Orchestra.  From there we bring Chubby Checkers up and let him unleash his version of the same song.  Next we regress to the 1920s and the era of the Charleston with The Savoy Orpheans.  Perez slides in with some Mambo and is followed by Lou Bega,  Then Glenn Miller and His Orchestra hammer home the sounds of WW2 with their unmistakable reading of In the Mood, before handing over the baton to Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and ultimately Glenn Miller again  Bennie Goodman joins in and is followed by Dean Martin, who himself is followed closely by Benny Goodman and Chubby Checker, ending happily with Joey D & The Starlighters.   More dance crazes on next week's show.  Thanks all for joining us,

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