Welcome to the Grundow Lodge # 2 1/2 Show, Winter - 2021: Presented by Why-Ah Productions, in collaboration with WhoCares Studios, Berks County, PA, USA. Like Limburger Cheese, our show stinks and yet somehow it’s still appealing. Here you have to be pretty schmart to act so dumb! The roots of the show go back more than two decades to when Bobby Bubbenmoyer, founder of the Shoemakersville School of Broadcsasting, (the SOB), burst onto the scene. Featured are Bobby Bubbenmoyer and his friend Charles J. Adams III, with their friend “Dave”, and the ever-lovable grundsow, (ground hog), Shoey Louie, the lodge mascot. Introducing K. Whopper and Leroy Heffentraeger with his Swingin’ Pennsylvania Dutchman.

Follow the misadventures of lodge members as they explore the Liquor Locker, the “Machine”, (otherwise known as the lodge jukebox), with Groundhog songs, The Hinnershitz Hill Rutchie Resort & Casino and more! Warning: This is a really dumb show with sometimes off-color and misguided jokes, innuendo, double entendre, potty humor and potentially offensive content, but it’s meant to be all for fun and fun for all and you might like it! So, let’s do the Grundsow Lodge #2 1/2 chant together: “Eek-Eek-Clap-Clap-Clap” and get on with it.

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